In Lambeth, we are focused on practice that builds relationships, enables and supports change for families, and promotes children’s wellbeing and development. We believe we can achieve this by working with families and children openly and collaboratively.

This led to the development of the “Children at the Heart of Practice” framework, our innovative approach which is inspiring and enabling social workers to undertake great relationship-based social work practice.

Now is an exciting time to join Lambeth. We are developing an attractive social worker career development pathway, introducing new ways of working with children and families, and providing high quality learning and development opportunities for all practitioners.

Under the leadership of Director, Children's Social Care, Alex Kubeyinje, we are creating an environment in which social workers can flourish and do their best work with children and families.

Improvement Journey

In May 2018, three years on from being found ‘inadequate’, Lambeth Children’s Social Care was judged by Ofsted to be requiring improvement to be good. This progress came as a result of a rapid and exciting improvement journey implementing significant change right across our children and family services.

Whilst this Ofsted report marks a significant chapter in our improvement journey, we recognise that there is more to do and we are ambitious to maintain the momentum. We are looking for experienced and talented social workers to help us achieve this.

We are continuing to implement our innovative ‘children at the heart of practice framework’, streamline our IT and workflows and utilise dedicated business support so that social workers can get back to doing what they do best – direct social work with children and families.

Our social workers practice in small teams of six and benefit from a comprehensive training programme as well as a competitive pay and benefits package.



“I liked the idea of working for an inner London borough with the challenges there and experience I would gain. I enjoy working for Lambeth because my work is challenging and I’m always learning, but overall because I have a very supportive, friendly team and managers”.

Social worker in Lambeth since December 2014

Lambeth: Children at the heart of practice