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Advanced Practitioner
Children's Social Care
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Up to £48,576 per annum

The Advanced Practitioner is a newly created role in Lambeth launching at the beginning of 2020.  We have situated an Advanced Practitioner in the majority of our social work teams, holding a reduced, more complex caseload alongside a team of 5 other social workers including an ASYE.

These new roles are focused on practice improvement.  As an Advanced Practitioner, you’ll be dedicated to promoting the highest standard of social work practice by supporting and developing Lambeth social workers to achieve the very best outcomes for children and families.

You will deliver and role model meaningful, creative and innovative social work practice through a collaborative and systemic approach.  Drawing on the values Lambeth’s Children at the Heart of Practice framework in your work with children and families.

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Team Manager
Children’s Social Care
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Up to £50,559 plus £4,700 pa as market supplement.

Our Team Managers are at the forefront of our offer: empowering, supporting and inspiring our social workers to get the best outcomes for children, young people and their families in Lambeth.

First and foremost, people come first. We support our team managers so that they can support their social workers so that they can support the children and families in Lambeth.

A Lambeth Team Manager is the leader of their team of 6 social workers, ensuring that the team is supported and all interventions being undertaken are purposeful, that risk is well managed and intervention is only undertaken when it is in the child’s best interests.

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Experienced Social Workers
Children’s Social Care
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We’re looking for Experienced Social Workers to inspire us.

You’ll be integrated into small social work teams with extra personal support from an advanced practitioner, bespoke learning and development, and excellent post-qualification opportunities. 

As a qualified Social Worker, you’ll be empowered to improve the lives of children, young people and their families within small teams, a manageable caseload and strong learning resources.

You'll bring your experience to help to motivate our team, leading by example and sharing your expertise. At all levels, we’ll welcome your ideas on how we can make our transformation a lasting success.

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